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Total Landworks continues to provide services to the domestic client. Small and large projects are welcomed by our team and we will not compromise on quality, structual integrity and proposed execution of works in order to 'win' a project. Cheap at times, means compromise. Landscaping is a big investment, so don't make the mistake of engaging with a contractor who is super cheap, as it will only cost you more in the long run to rectify.

What can you help us with?
We can help you with new landscaping, renovations, improvements, design and more. Refer to our services page here to see what we can do! 

I have no idea what costs I am looking at?
The best way to start is by knowing what you are 'prepared' to spend in order to try & achieve your landscaping goal. When we know what budget you have or what you are prepared to spend we can work together to help you get the best value for your spend. We can tell you approx what to expect in a quick discussion to evaluate your ideas & see if it falls in line with your expectation of costs.

I want a design, how do we do this?
A design is a great way to get a good idea of what to expect. If you are looking to do a big landscaping job, we will only do so with a design or plan. This helps you to see what you are getting, where it is going and make changes before we hit the dirt! We start with a brief, a budget (designs require  a budget) site plans and away we go! 

Can I help to reduce costs?
Unfortunately no. With strict OHS, insurances and industry regulations, we cannot allow for unauthorised persons to assist. What we can suggest is that you do some ground work before we commence, such as removing debris, furniture, rubbish, and alike will reduce the labour costs of our team doing it for you and allows for us to come in and start right away! 

Can I use or supply my own materials?
Yes you can. But we must discuss what it is you wish to supply first. 
Example 1 - re-using existing laid pavers - it may end up costing you more to have us lift, clean & re-lay than it is to just purchase new pavers. The labour & excavation costs to remove & clean pavers is quite time consuming. 
Example 2 - Your neighbour has some left over mulch that you can use - sure! we can use that, but if there isn't enough a variation will be required to acquire more to complete. But keep in mind if we have labour costs to retrieve it if it hasn't to been moved to the project site. 

Can we do our landscaping in stages?
Yes you can. But this is something that needs planned prior. If you got a quote, generally quotes are to start to finish. Note, your quote will change as breaking up a project involves more travel, more labour and we may have to re-do some ground work depending on the length of time between. But that is something we can certainly discuss & work around!