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Total Landworks s North Queensland's leading contractor in playground landscaping and construction. Our expertise and knowledge will provide you with the confidence in knowing your new play space is compliant, structurally sound and executed within regulations. We possess all the necessary credentials, experience and knowledge to provide you with a professional service with peace of mind.  

At Total Landworks, we understand the importance of safety and ensure every measure is taken to provide a safe environment on site as well as the tangible project we are delivering. With no compromise, we ensure all aspects of OHS and EHS are implemented and upheld with all projects. We all know how curious little (and big!) people are when there are exciting changes happening! 

Total Landworks can assist with a variety of services, from cricket nets, rubber soft-fall, constructing and installing complex playground equipment to complete play yards for childcare centres; we can help with you with just about anything, where ever you may be located. Having experience in servicing remote locations in the Cape and West of QLD, we have the experience to plan, prepare and logistically handle these challenging locations with a 100% success rate.

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We understand more than ever, the need for children of this highly technological modern era to have an engaging play space which encourages self
motivated stimulation. Providing a carefully thought out play space allows children to problem solve, be imagiative, learn social interaction, and yes, allows a little bit of risk. We realise these days the importance of allowing children to test their abilities, to challenge and overcome their fears, and learn about their own bodies capabilities by understanding risk in a safe environment. Something that has been removed from so many facets of child play including the humble playground. Thankfully, things are changing as lets be honest, the kids are bored! 

Total Landworks can help you to create a play space within your budgets that will promote all of the above. Going back to a natural environment is being widely received as the most effective way to stimulate young children's senses and promote positive motor skills. Total Landworks are proud to specialise in sensory style natural play spaces.

If you are in need of a contractor to re-install your soft-fall, upgrade your artificial turf or you need a new design for your centre, then get in touch with us here at Total Landworks and let us help you with whatever you need.


  Total Landworks has completed a number of projects ranging in size and complexity. Our team has the knowledge and      experience to help you to deliver the project within the regulations and will work with your representative to overcome   challenges that may arise prior to or during construction.
Our approachable and proactive attitude provides an easy platform to work with, and benefits in achieving the project goals.

Having worked with Local Council, and schools, we are familiar with all the necessary regulatory demands and attention to safety. You can be sure that Total Landworks doesn't compromise in substituting materials or short cutting on specifications to be financially competitive or, to benefit after winning a project.
We stand by our integrity and conscious to deliver a safe, sound product and or, service.
There is no need to engage with contractors down south who will disappear once the job is complete, unable to provide any after care service, when you have a local business like Total Landworks that has demonstrated experience in delivering a myriad of projects both locally, and remotely.

Contact us now to discuss your next project, and let the team at Total Landworks do what they do best.